Sparkling Wine Corks

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Sparkling Wine Corks

M. A. Silva corks are used by some of the finest sparkling wine makers in the world.
Sparkling wine offers challenges for closure products.  The closure must withstand higher pressures while maintaining consistent and specified insertion and extraction forces. Its visual appearance is critical, given the aesthetic emphasis placed on sparkling wine packaging. The product must possess the strength to remain intact during twisting extraction, while being pliable enough to offer a lasting seal.
Our sparkling wine cork is composed of a SARA® sterilized micro-agglomerated cork body, and double disks of natural cork on the end that comes in contact with the sparkling wine. We use only FDA-approved food-grade bonding agents. The composite body consistently meets stringent visual and mechanical standards, both at the individual part level and after forming. The quality of the body is standard and uniform across all the grades, with the visual appearance of the natural cork ends determining the quality grade of the stopper.

This stopper is specifically designed to seal sparkling wines, beer and carbonated beverages.

Two standard sizes are offered: 29x48 mm and 30.5x48 mm. Custom diameter corks are available to winemakers with specific requirements.

The three grades offered are, in descending order, “A”, “B”, and “C”. Each class is defined by the visual quality of its double natural cork disk ends.

Sparkling wine corks are designed to maintain an effective seal for multiyear extended aging of sparkling wine.
Technical Specifications

Length: Nominal ± 0.5 mm
Diameter: Nominal ± 0.4 mm
Ovalization: <0.4mm

Moisture: 5%-7% moisture content
Dimensional Recovery: >96%
Density: 280 Kg/m3 ± 40
Resistance to boiling water: No disintegration

Sealing Ability: No leakage at 1.2 bar
Capillarity: 0 mm
Torsion: ?35º
Shearing strength: ? 6 daN/cm2

Use before: 6 months (coated corks only)
Storage humidity: 40% - 70% RH, non-condensing
Storage temperature: 15ºC - 20ºC, 59ºF - 68ºF
Location: Store in a clean, well ventilated, odorless place away from chlorine products.

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