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130 Gallon Boiler

Product specifications

130 gal
Heating Elements
2 x 5500 watt

Product description

You can use this as a mash tun, or a distilling pot. This is 130 Gallon boiler, Stainless Steel with fully removable conical top. As with any of our stills we can change which fittings yours comes with. This one normally comes with 4 inch window on the conical lid, heating elements, a drain, a ball valve and thermometers. The heating elements for this boiler are recommended to be minimum of 2 5500 watt elements, though we are more than happy to add more. This is tailored for microdistilleries. All of our barrels are food grade stainless steel. We also sell a stand we make special for our boilers to make sure you can heat using propane as well. You need an electrician to fit our elements to your box, for safety.

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Washington State Enterprises price
$3,536 / unit
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