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Short Path – 2 Liters & 5 Liters

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2 L , 5 L

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Short-Path Distillation is a thermal separation process for thermal sensitive products. Short residence time and low evaporation temperature will cause a minimum thermal stress to the distilled product. Typical applications are high molecular organic compounds particularly from the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and the food industry. Distillation is one of the most important thermal separation methods. Short-Path Distillation is a continuous separation process working under vacuum conditions. Evaporation takes place from a heated wiped film. The considerably lower pressure in the Short Path Evaporator is obtained by the short distance for the vapors on their way from the evaporator surface to the condenser. In addition, the cross section area of flow is equal to the evaporator surface, so that there is only a minor pressure drop between evaporator and condenser - a detail which is absolutely necessary for this process! ▪ GG-17 (3.3) high borosilicate glass, with good performance ▪ Excellent sealing performance, Ultimate vacuum reached pump vacuum rate 133pa ▪ Liftable bath with intelligent temperature controller, Manual lift or electric lift optional PTFE(Teflon)discharge, no pollution to solvent ▪ System vacuum does not drop during discharging shift. Sample received keeps consistent quality. ▪ PTFE (Teflon) no-liquid -accumulation discharging valve, no-dead-angle reaction, complete PTFE valve, anti-corrosion.

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Washington State Enterprises price
$4,900 - $6,300 / unit
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