WEBF2 Bottle Filler

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Bottle filler
Carbonation: No
Product: Wine , Water , Juice , Other, Oil, Hard Alcohol and Tea
Filling Method: Volume and Visual Level
Automation: Automatic
The WEBF2 - 2 Spout bottle Filler is designed for continuous use with your choice of either automatic level filling or timed volume filling. There is also an option for gas injection. The WEBF bottle Filler is comprised of top quality materials, made in Canada. It features the highly regarded Siemens “logo!” digital micro processor for fast and highly accurate memorized settings. 

The WEBF2 is engineered with independent spouts so that you fill one or two bottles at a time.  You can also dispense at different rates within the same filling mode by setting the spouts at different liquid fill heights (visual), flow rates (speed) or timed settings.

You can use a wide range of bottles ranging from as small as 2 inches to 13 inches in height.  It dispenses over 200 standard 750 ml bottles of wine per hour. The WEBF2 is ideal for most clear liquids including wines, olive oils, spirits, juices and teas.

Convenient counter top design, ready to set up and plug in
Can perform Automatic Level Fill and Timed Filling  
Sturdy stainless steel construction, top quality food grade components
Flexible adjustment for a variety of bottle sizes
Independent Flow controls included
Self priming, beverage friendly pump
Safe and dependable
Clearly written manual included with full support
Easy to clean and maintain
One Year Guarantee

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