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In the 1930s, the world’s first self-adhesive labels were invented. Talk about revolutionary! The world of advertising changed forever as manufacturers traded in their gum paste brushes for slick and easy peel-off backings. Clearly, there was more to celebrate than just the end of Prohibition. Since that giant leap forward in label history, there have been numerous other advances that have revolutionized the label industry. Specialty labels now come in a diverse lineup of innovative and fun designs. Consider these following options: Color-Logic Color-Logic is a 5 Color Process Metallic Color System that allows you to create up to 250 metallic colors in a single print run along with different effects, gradations, watermarks and dimension. Great for shelf appeal and security features. Coupons & Clean Release Labels Designed with a dry release adhesive that allows the end user to remove the top layer of the coupon. The coupon is not sticky once removed and can be printed on one or both sides. Double Sided Labels Double sided labels are printed on both the front and back (adhesive side), allowing the label to be viewed from either side of a clear surface. Scratch Off Inks Coins at the ready? Increase customer response on your next promotion or event with a gold or silver scratch off label. Self Laminating Labels These durable labels begin as a standard label but have a lamination that is partially applied. The self lamination feature protects your writing and helps keep the label surface protected in harsh elements. Tamper Evident Labels These security stocks break apart and leave a “VOID” message on the surface when they have been removed. Available in Silver Void or White Destructible stocks. Tire Adhesive Labels These labels have a very aggressive, high tack, permanent adhesive that is designed to stick to rubber and other difficult surfaces. UL Approved Labels In need of UL labels? As an authorized Underwriters Laboratories label supplier, we work with UL to find the right solution for your approved UL marks.

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