15BBL Unitank

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1.Material: SUS 304
2.Capacity: 15BBL
3.Tank Shape: Dish top and 60°conical bottom
   Cylindrical Diameter: 1200mm
   Cylindrical Height: 1500mm
   Inner Shell Thickness: 3mm
   Cladding Thickness: 2mm
   PU Insulation Thickness: 75mm
   Dimple Jacket Thickness: 1.5mm
5.Inner surface: welds grinded to Ra 0.4 ?m
6.Outsourcing surface: weld polishing processing
   Side manhole: 335* 435mm ;
   CIP cleaning ball ;   
   Thermowell ;
   Thermometer ;
   Sample valve ;   
   Tri-clamp outlet valve ;
   Pressure gage ;  Pressure relief valve;
   Racking arm; Liquidometer; Carbonation stone

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