XF2500 Beer/Carbonated Beverage Filler

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Bottle filler
Carbonation: Force carbonated
Product: Beer  and Carbonated Beverage
XpressFill Bottle Fillers are hand crafted, custom made to order in the USA from high quality of food grade components.
The carbonated beverage filler is a counter-pressure machine that fills bottles from a pressurized source, such as keg, without losing carbonation; and uses a sensor probe that shuts off the fill at the desired height. 
Even though this machine is designed for carbonated beverages, it can also be used for still products, using a pressurized keg or pump.
This machine can be used with bottle sizes that range from 8 ounces to 22 ounces and 750 to 800 ml, with at a maximum height of 13.5 inches. We are now offering a growler attachment ($250) for filling growlers and larger containers.  Each bottle filler is built to order in our factory.

•       True one person	 bottling operation @200 bph (one person can load, fill and cap at that rate)
•       Enclosed stainless steel environment
•       Design provides for bottling at higher pressure for less foaming, better carbonation, etc.
•       Unpack and operate, no assembly required, light table-top construction
•       Capacity: 200 bottles per hour, 12 ounce bottle
•	Weight: 32 lbs
•	Dimensions: 16" wide* x 16.75" high x 10.5" deep

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