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Fermenter-75 hL


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Dished Top Head: •One 4” Dry Hop Port •One CIP Spray Ball Assembly, Tri-Clamp Connection •One Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, Tri-Clamp Connection Sidewall: •One Sample Valve, Tri-Clamp Connection •One Sanitary Thermowell, Tri-clamp Connection •One Pressure Gauge & Bung Valve assembly on the side CIP arm •Cooling Jacket Section, 60° /67 °Conical Bottom Head: •One Racking Arm , Union Connection •One Yeast Drainage, Tri-Clamp Connection •One Cooling Jacket Section, Vessel Specifications: •Top Manway/Side Manway •Headspace, 25% •Design Pressure, 14.7 psig •Material, 304 Stainless Steel •Sheet Thickness, 3 mm/4mm •Cladding Thickness, 2 mm •Inside Finish, 2B •Outside Finish, #4 •Inside Welds, Ground Flush and Polished to #4 •Outside Welds, Clean with Heat Stain Removed •75mm PU Foam Insulation •Mounted on Four Cylindrical Adjustable Legs

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