Zap Labeler ZLC - Cold Glue Labeling Machine

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Bottle labeler
Self adhesive roll labels have been the industry standard for many years for small and home businesses. The price per self adhesive label can vary a great deal from .07 to .25 per label. Depending on label size and material, there was no way to ensure a low cost solution, until now With our ZLC Semi-Automatic Cold Glue Labeling Machine you can use beautiful full color labels inexpensively printed at home or at your local print shop.

Cold glue or wet glue labeling takes a label, coats one side with a water based adhesive and applies it to the circumference of your bottle. The major advantage is that you can print our your own labels off any printer or find a local print company. Labels applied with our new cold glue labeler are a very inexpensive alternative to self adhesive label rolls. With our Cold Glue Labeler you can print labels off on your inkjet or laser printer, cut them with a paper cutter and you’re off labeling at a fraction of the cost of any other labeling method. Our variable speed motor helps maximize your labeling speed. The constant ‘on’ prevents any downtime associated with foot pedals or switches. 

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