For a bakery, which is a better investment -- an electric oven or a gas oven?


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Kinnek Knowledge Team

At the entry-level, gas and electric ovens each have their own benefits, and your choice will largely be due to preference.

Electric ovens work best 'out-of-the-box'.  Gas ovens are vented, so they do not retain steam very well, which can make it difficult (if not impossible) to bake certain kinds of breads.  Electric ovens, on the other hand, retain steam well since they are not vented, providing you better versatility from the outset.

However -- and this is a big however -- if you invest in a commercial gas oven you will be able to get it steam-fitted, so this will overcome the venting issue.  This will be an additional cost, but it may be a worthwhile investment.  Gas ovens typically have better temperature control.  Beware of personal anecdotes regarding the 'dryness' of product baked by gas or electric ovens.  Some bakers claim that electric ovens produce drier baked goods, while others claim that gas ovens result in drier goods.  There is no objective basis for either of these claims, and anecdotal evidence suggests that there are other factors at play.  

You would do well with either an electric or gas oven, but if you are willing to invest extra money into a steam-fitted gas oven, it may provide better temperature control.

Apr 26, 2014

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