Can anyone explain briefly the energy consumption required for distillation? Was never very good at physics.

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The energy consumption numbers for distillation, a net 170,000 BTU per hour is required.  The energy that you will need to input into your system to get to a net hourly 170,000 BTU depends on your boilers, and on the BTU value of your fuel.  Generally, you should aim for about 40,000 to 50,000 BTU higher than the net 170,000 BTU, and adjust as needed.
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Not to break open a hornets nest here but everyone makes this to scientific, do you think the ole timers used science. No not at all S*#* 90% of them could,t read lead alone use science, ive been doing it for 30 years and aint 1 time used scientific s*#* to make it. Just remember the tip of your flame is always the hottest. Alcohol turns into a vapor at 172 to 175, water turns to a vapor at 210 and a 3 drip per second is what you want. So keep temp between 172 to 200° and u will make a good tasting and a high proof spirit. It dont take a rocket scientist to distill so take the science S*#* out of it and listen to her as shes worken it will talk to ya she will let ya know what she needs and if u want proof i aint about science look me up on f/b or  youtube under hillbilly heritage
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