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Can anyone help me with assembling a bottle filling unit?

I'm located out of St. Petersburg, FL and need help putting together my new bottle filler, capper, and heat reduction unit. Any help or direction would be appreciated, thanks!
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Aesus is a manufacturer of liquid fillers, cappers and labelers with local service in Sarasota, FL. I would be glad to understand your project better and help.

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We may be able to help, However we need more info.
This equipment may be new to you however:
1. Did you buy New or Used equipment.
2. If New, The manufacturer normaly offers instalation & Training, at a cost.
    Call the manufacturer for help, If not it could void your warranty.
3. If Used, Normaly it is bought, "Were is, As is." It is your's. Some offer  
    instlation and training, at a cost.
You used the words "Putting Together".
Not to sound flip or any thing, however, In fact are the units in pieces, or do mean you need help with instalation, not assembly, or is it both.
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We might be able to help - please let us know the manufacturer and model numbers for the equipment.
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