Can I get some opinions on the Mini Enrober and Choco TT by Bakon?

These two pieces of equipment look like they would suit my needs, has anyone here owned one before? How good is Bakon's customer service? Also, are there similar alternatives from other suppliers?
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The real question about suitability can only be answered knowing how much production you are doing - and what kinds of products you are doing. 

However, in looking at the catalog description I notice that there are a couple of key components that I would look for in an enrober line of any size:

1) A blower. This is a forced air system that reduces the amount of chocolate overall by blowing air over the top of the pieces after they exit the double-veil curtain. The blower should have adjustable height and position.

2) Net beater. This is a simple system that "bangs" the pieces lightly before they leave the exit section of the enrober. This removes some of the chocolate before the pieces run over the de-tailer and this results in a cleaner bottom and less chocolate on the de-tailer rod.

The 3.5 gallon capacity is about 13-14kg of chocolate. The throughput of the machine is not dependent on the capacity of the working bowl, it's the number of pieces you can put through in any given time, which is more dependent on the width of the belt and the number of operators. Example: If you can put 500 pieces per hour through the machine and each piece requires 10gr of chocolate then you only need 5kg of chocolate per hour. This is more than one-third of the working bowl, but it's going to cause challenges with keeping the chocolate in temper.

If you have the budget I would recommend a small (<10 kg working bowl capacity) continuous tempering machine with an enrober.
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You should go to Aasted's web site at www.aasted.eu and take a look at the Nielsen Baby-Flex 93-32 model. This is really a great option for you to consider. The Nielsen line of equipment has been in manufacture since 1940 and is of the highest quality available. If interested you can message me on Kinnek.
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