Could someone please briefly explain the cork grading system for me? It's a little confusing, seems like different companies have slightly different scales and standards.

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There is a wine cork grading chart used by CTCOR and the wine cork manufactures in Portugal.  Please see the following:

Portuguese Grading Chart    
4th    (normally not marketed in the U.S.)
5th    (normally not marketed in the U.S.)
6th    (normally not marketed in the U.S.)

There is no Flor Grade or 6th Grade on the Portuguese Grading Chart.  What happens is they take the best of the Extra Grade and make them Flor and the worst of the 5th Grade and make them the 6th Grade.

If the cork grade names are different from the ones above, the easiest way to match up the cork grades is to go by price.  The most expensive will be the Flor, followed by Extra, followed by Superior, etc., etc.

If someone uses a #9 that is a 24 mm diameter wine cork and a #8 is a 22 mm wine cork.
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