Do I need a high wattage microwave?

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Kinnek Knowledge Team

You only really "need" a high wattage microwave if you are: a) microwaving a lot during service; and b) your existing microwave capacity is not sufficient to keep up during service.

High wattage microwaves are generally high volume (they are usually large), and high efficiency, meaning that they microwave faster than lower wattage microwaves.  For most restaurants, high wattage microwaving is purely a luxury, as most restaurants do not constantly microwave throughout service such that the efficiency improvements are necessary.

It is also important to note that it can be very easy to overcook foods in a high wattage microwave if the kitchen staff has not been properly trained.  The question of whether you should invest in a high wattage microwave thus depends on your budget (high wattage microwaves tend to be more expensive than lower wattage alternatives), willingness to train kitchen staff to use the microwave properly, and capacity/efficiency needs.

Good luck!

Dec 4, 2015

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