How can I prevent stress corrosion cracking (SCC) at my nanobrewery?

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SCC, or stress corrosion cracking, results when metals are exposed to tensile stress, oxygen, chlorine, or high temperatures. It is naturally occurring and can be present in any brewing system, especially older ones.

Chlorine is a common cause of SCC in breweries, as many insulants and even water contain chlorides. When possible, keep chlorides away from high heat environments, as the combination of the two results in extra stress on the system.

Routine checks and maintenance are the only way to ensure that your system and its components are functioning properly. Once cracking has been observed, it is almost always best practice to replace the part completely. Many components should have built in warranties or terms, so becoming familiar with these will ensure that you can act as quickly as possible once a problem occurs. This is especially important for a small, less-established brewery.

What do some of you guys do to guard against corrosion? How do you smaller operations deal with replacing parts as quickly as possible?
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