How can I reduce my costs without investing into new equipment?

I own and operate a pizzeria.
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If you would like to reduce your cost, you do have to get new equipment if your current equipment is locked into a monthly fee and credit card processing.  New equipment can cost anywhere from 8,000 to 25,000.  Also, finding the best credit card rate can by trying at best.  I have done some research for you.  I hope this helps.

This data can fluctuate for each customer, but these are some typical fees. I've tried to include a flat rate where available. This also does not include the "fee per transaction" which can range from 10 cents to 39 cents.

Authorize(dot)net 2.9%
Shopify 2.9%
Square 2.75%
Paypal 2.2%
Cake 2.5%
Toast 2.2%
Clover 2.69%
Harbortouch 1.75%
Intuit GoPayment 1.75%
QuickBooks Payments 1.6%
Bluepay 1.59%
Total Merchant Services 1.69%
Merchant Services, INC (MSI) 1.48%
Global Payments INC 1.1% (government)
Breadcrumb 1.9%
Merchant warehouse 1.69%
Worldpay 1.99%
USAePay 1.99%
Dharma 2%
CDC Commerce 1.7%
Verifone TransFirst 1.69%
Elavon (Helcim) 2.65%
Chase Paymentech 1.59%
Vantiv 2.25%  

Information obtained from various online data services, which may or may not be accurate:  credit-card-processing.com | posoptions.com | merchantmaverick.com | ratecreditcardprocessing.com/review/ | reviews.com/credit-card-processors | paymentdepot.com | cardfellow.com | helcim.com | dharmamerchantservices.com | http://point-of-sale.softwareinsider.com  

Just as a side note, my point of sale can be used with any credit card processor, and will send orders to the kitchen.  http://emen.us
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The two easiest ways to reduce your costs with small changes are to: 1) lock in your commodity prices for cheese and flour with your food supplier; and 2) use measuring cups to measure ingredients. If you make 100+ pizzas every day in your kitchen, ensuring that your ingredients are precisely measured for each pizza could be a significant money-saver over the course of a month. Also, locking in commodity prices with your food supplier can save you a lot of money and stress from fluctuating flour/cheese prices. We highly recommend that you reach an agreement to lock-in these prices with your supplier.        
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