How do I best maintain my new garbage disposal?

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Kinnek Knowledge Team

As an initial point, it's worth consulting your owner's manual for initial guidelines.  If you have any further questions on equipment use, it's never a bad idea to have a friendly conversation with your supplier (and if need be, with the equipment manufacturer).

There are a few industry tips on disposal maintenance, however, that are worth noting.
1) Every so often, grind some ice cubes with cold water running simultaneously from the tap.  The ice cubes will grind up into hard shards of ice.  The cold water will solidify any particulate matter, grease, oil, etc., in the drain and disposal.  Once solidified, the high-speed ice shards will clear up the solidified 'gunk.'
2) For a less harsh version of the ice cube method: once an employee has finished dishwashing, have them add a bit of soap to the drain and run cold water through the tap.
3) Run the disposal frequently.  Using the disposal frequently helps prevent accumulation of particulate matter and other 'gunk,' and also helps prevent rusting.

Good luck!

Jul 23, 2015

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