How do I determine what size refrigeration system I need for my walk-in?

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It is important to properly size your refrigeration system to match your cooler and how it will be used. The BTUH load calculation is based on the size of your walk-in, the required temperature, the product load, air infiltration,  and all environmental conditions. We often see systems that are oversized. This is a common mistake. As a general rule, you want to size the system to run about 16 hours out of 24. If the system has to run more than 16 hours it is undersized. If it runs less than 16 hours it is oversized. Oversized refrigeration cost more up front to purchase and it consumes more energy when it is running. The byproduct of oversizing is; Short cycling that leads to premature failure of component parts. Excessive humidity, causing condensation on the walls, ceiling, and product with a high possibility of  Mold and mildew. Properly sized systems will run efficiently, keep the humidity at a desired level, and maintain a steady product temperature. Accurately size your refrigeration, don't oversize. 

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There are many factors to figure out   We don't just 
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There are many factors to consider when sizing your refrigeration system for your walk-in. Generally speaking, you're better off having more storage space than not enough. On the flip-side, avoid getting a walk-in that's unnecessarily large. Your monthly operating cost(s) will be significantly greater for a larger unit.

Some of the most important factors to consider when sizing your refrigeration system include:
• Length, width, and height of your walk-in
• Holding temperature of your walk-in (required sustained temperature inside the unit)
• Ambient temperature (the temperature of the air surrounding the unit's exterior)
• Type/weight/temperature of the product entering/being stored inside the unit
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