How do you calculate the pressure in a bright tank when using a carb stone?

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The formula depends on how cold you're planning on keeping the bright tank - generally speaking though, every 28 inches of beer liquid adds 1 psi to the pressure of the tank. For example, say the height is 84 inches - you'd divide that by 28 to get 3 psi. Therefore, for a stone with 5 psi wetting pressure, you'll need to add 3 psi liquid pressure to carbonate the tank, requiring a total of 8 psi in order for the stone to begin producing bubbles. Assuming your target is 2.58 volumes in beer at 34 degrees F, the carbonation equilibrium will be 10 psi once the process is complete.
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Apr 23, 2018

Does the diameter of the tank matter in your calculation? For example, 28 inches of beer in a 5' diameter tank is more liquid than in a 4' diameter tank.