How important is it to have a location/site for your brewery picked out before talking to equipment suppliers?

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Most of our prospective customers are still in search of a property, or in negotiations when in contact with us for brewing, canning, or bottling equipment. It's helpful to know what your equipment budget is, then you can narrow your options for equipment to fit that budget. Then you can know how much space that equipment will require which drives the search for suitable property. In my view your equipment = horse, building = cart. I hope this is somewhat helpful. Cheers, Matt
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Your location can affect your equipment choices.  For example, the size or availability of the different utilities would affect your decision for the heat source on your brewing system.  Some locations would be more appropriate for one heat source or another due to building construction as well.  And the ceiling height and square footage will also affect your decisions in this area.  

If you are looking to open a brewpub or tap room, the seating capacity will influence your system size as well.
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You just need to know approximate space and layout.  It wouldn't be fair for your employees or yourself to have a crowded, disorganized restaurant that's not easy to navigate through.

Before designing anything, it's a good idea to take a look at the space you have.  How does it flow?  How will people move thru it?

McDonalds drew on a tennis court with chalk to custom design their space and redid it as many times as it took before they got it right.  A symphony of movement and flow where every action counts.  You want this.

Do it right the first time, so the next time, you can cookie cutter your method and have the best chance of success.
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