I want to temper approximately 60 lbs of milk chocolate at a time. Given this quantity, would I be looking at a fully-automated tempering setup?

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As the representative of a company that makes continuous tempering machines I would have to say yes, you would benefit from an automated (continuous, as opposed to manual or batch) tempering setup.

Having said that, when thinking about continuous tempering machines, we don't think about the amount of tempered chocolate is needed "at a time." We think about how much chocolate is needed over the course of an hour, or a half shift, or a full shift.

In general, a continuous tempering machine can temper between 3-5 times the capacity of the working bowl in chocolate per hour. Thus, a machine with a 7kg working bowl could produce somewhere between 20-30kg of tempered chocolate per hour, or well over 150kg (300 pounds) over a full eight-hour day. 

Now, only about 7kg (or about 15 pounds) of chocolate would be in temper at any one time - but you have more than enough capacity for the 60 pounds you mention. If you don't need an enrober belt or other upgrades, there are 4kg tabletop machines that will meet your needs - if what you need is 60lbs no more than every every four hours.
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