I was reading that for a small producer like myself, Micro-Flash Pasteurization might be an affordable option for me. Anyone have any experience with these type of MFP systems, or know about them?

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For pasteurization it usually comes down to what a company or person can afford. UHT (Ultra High Temperature) is extremely expensive, because this method is more modern, and the industry needs more time and competition to lower the cost for UHT. There is one UHT system in Wisconsin and it was over a million in cost. HTST/MFP (High Temp, Short Time/Micro Flash Pasteurization) is flash pasteurization and is typically used for large amounts of product. If you are pasteurizing 1,000 lbs per hour plus then this might be a great method....typical cost of HTST is around 110K to 150K and higher depending on parameters needed. Batch Pasteurization is the oldest and most affordable, this cost can be as little as 15K to around 75K depending on gallon size of the tank. This method uses the traditional 30 min hold time in the tank at a specific temperature and is the most affordable for most customers.

UHT $1,000,000.00  Typical Price

HTST $120,000.00    Typical Price

MFP $25,000-$40,000 Typical Price

Batch $25,000.00     Typical Price
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