I'm in the beginning phase of researching how to bottle my own cold brewed coffee for my cafe in Hawaii on a relatively small scale to start. Can anyone offer advice or resources on everything from how to bottle, shelf life, food safety, and labeling vs. silk screen?

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Cold brewed coffee!  Where do I get some?
At any rate...
After you've gotten all your stuff for the actual manufacture of your product you'll need a label applicator, a bottle filler and a capper. 

I of course recommend a labeler as opposed to screen print because I sell label applicators, but either will work.  I think you'll find that labels will be less expensive after you take into consideration shipping costs and what-not.  The labeler we offer for sizes like you'll likely be using runs around $500.

A good friend of mine, John, has a company that makes inexpensive fillers for small and home business. They are food safe and easily cleanable. At less than $500 you wont find a less expensive option. 

You can cap your bottles manually, but holy cow will that get old. I do recommend getting a capper. They're fairly simple and basically just twist caps onto your bottle without you having to screw them on manually. A wrist saver for sure.  You can get a fairly inexpensive one for $300. 

For food safety and shelf life information i'm going to refer you to the USDA website: http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?navid=food-nutrition

Hope this helps. Check us out online and please be sure to let me know if you have any other questions.


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We print labels in a variety of shapes and sizes for many coffee companies on several different materials. We also do short runs and use a digital press so you can mix and match different types to make up an order.  
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For a start up business, we would recommend our BenchMATE, which when you grow your business we will buy back from you at 80% of your purchase price towards a semi automatic, No one else offers this. 
The BenchMATE is US$910.00 plus delivery by TNT or equivalent door to door for US$115.00 .
With the BenchMATE you should expect to label front and back at 12 - 14 bottles per minute. http://www.greatengineering.com/labeling_tour/broadbandvideosML.asp 

Warranty is 5 years.
When the time comes to upgrade to one of our electric models, we will trade in your BenchMATE for 80% of the price you purchased it for.

We have machines in stock.
If you wish to go ahead and place an order you can pay using a Visa Card or MasterCard we also accept international bank transfers. Let me know if you would like any additional information.

In 1992 I was awarded a patent for the invention of applying self-adhesive labels to cylindrical products. No other labelling company can apply labels as well as ours.

I am also happy to offer you a 7-day free trial and should the labeller not meet your expectations then I would be happy to refund your money or credit the full amount towards an alternative labeller from our range.

At Great Engineering, we manufacture equipment with the expectation that our customers should be able to label in excess of a million containers every year.

What our customers say:
Hi Peter: We are the proud owners of your label machine. I bought it back in 2000 (or some time around then). I love our machine and we have had zero problems. I have also turned so many people on to this machine. I should have been your sales rep! (ha ha).  We can do a pallet/hour (56 cases 12 x 750). Keep up the good work!
Best regards, Sandi Belcher â?? Owner/Winemaker ARNS
[email address]
[phone number] 
Received on 14 Sep. 13
We have owned and used our BenchMark labeler since January of 1998.  At first, we laughed at the audacity of Peter O'Brien naming his company Great Engineering.  Now, we feel that it is truly an understatement!

This is perhaps my favourite piece of equipment in the entire winery.  I estimate that we've labeled over half a million bottles in the nine years we've had it, and it still performs like the day we got it.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  It's fast to set up and change over between rolls or labels or size/type of bottles.
I cannot imagine that you would be disappointed -- or anything other than extremely pleased.  A good friend owns a small winery and he bought a BenchMark on our recommendation.  He feels as strongly [in a positive way] as I do about the quality, robustness, and sheer elegance of Great Engineering's products.

Call me if you need more,

Bob Neel
McCrea Cellars
[phone number]
â??After my father purchased our BenchMARK semi automatic labeller some two decades later I is still operating at Schmidts Strawberry Winery. To date the labeller has performed with minimal maintenance and to the constraints of the cost in the production of our wines. As Schmidts Strawberry Winery has grown so has the duty output required but the Benchmark semi automatic labeller continues to be a valued asset of our production facility.â? 
9 January 2013 M.Schmidt 
Purchase a BenchMARK in July 1992
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We currently print for a coffee pantry who sells 32 oz Boston round growlers of her coffee concentrate for home use.  We screen on the bottle, and while it can be a bit time consuming, it also creates a beautiful product that lasts indefinitely.  These bottles get washed and sterilized after printing, and the color and print doesn't fade.  There is also no residue left on a bottle from the printing.  Now this might not be the most cost effective option for you, but we've found it to work well with our client. 
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