I'm planning on producing about 10k hectoliters of beer per year. Any recommendations on brewhouse capacity?

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A relevant question you need to ask yourself along with knowing the TOTAL heck you are planning to produce per YEAR, is also planning how often you plan to produce, and equally important, over how long a period of time you want/need to get it produced and bottled.
If you have 12 months to produce this quantity, and you can bottle all year long, as required, to fill your distribution pipelines, then you can use a 7 BBL brew house, produce 2 batches per day, ( with maybe a day or 2 off), and then process as required. If you want to produce and run everything in a very short period of time, then you would opt for something like a 30 BBL brew house, and " get it done". Your choice. 
Mark Bassel
Prospero Equipment
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