I'm trying to setup a 20 barrel brewing operation, with a bottling operation. Based on my own business plan and from speaking with friends, I figure I'm gonna need about $500K to get things started. Can anyone help me with a sanity check on this?

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Dear Client,
Sanity and budgets have not much in common, but your assessment is spot on. You need approximately $300k for a 20 barrel brewhouse (we made one last year for a client and it was exactly that amount) and up to $200K for an automatic bottling line. 
We can help you however with a miniblock rinser-filler-crowner for for bottles for only up to 500 bph (more than adequate for your needs) that requires only one operator and that we offer at $79,500 plus accessories (labeller, CIP, etc.)
Please contact me with your details through Kinnek to submit an offer for this filler.
Giovanni Solferini
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$500K is very accurate for a 20BBL system.  We can provide you with a full turnkey package deal for the entire system if interested.  You may contact me directly and I can give you exact pricing.  
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