Is it common to get wine glasses imprinted?

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I beg to disagree that it is tacky to get a wine glass imprinted.

 If you are looking to have the glass imprinted so that you may control your pour you may imprint any image and we can clearly mark on your art proof where the 6 oz pour is or whatever pour you are looking for.  Designs on wine glasses can be very elegant when done correctly. Please feel free to contact ACS and we will gladly assist you in choosing a design that fits your imprinted needs. We design and sell millions of artfully done stemware per year.
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Wine glass imprinting isn't particularly common for restaurants (where it is more frequently seen on beer glasses).  It can be seen as tacky if a restaurant serves wine glasses imprinted with logos and other designs.  Wine glass imprinting is generally more frequently done when customizing glasses for a specific event, such as a wedding, an anniversary celebration, and any large, special party.  
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Elise Fay at Atlantic Custom Solutions

I respectfully disagree with 17 years of imprinting stemware it is definitely a widely accepted practice.

May 3, 2016