Just bought new fermenters and debating the installation and service, what's a fair price to pay?

I got quoted roughly $700 per day AND on top of that they're asking me to pay for the technician's accommodations and meals and airfare. Is that standard?
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Historically installation and start up costs have ranged from $400 to $900 per day.  It is common that the daily rate would not include hotel, meals, and transportation expenses.  
I would highly recommend that you get a clear definition of the work that the installation tech would be performing to make sure it is not something you could do yourself or possibly hire out.  
If you are simply installing fermentation tanks I would think a local contractor could install these for you for a much more competitive price.  
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Very good answer.


We charge $450 per day plus travel, and hotel so I would say that the price sound about right seeing the responses below too. I would also want to know what the services included for that rate.
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Although we offer installation services, we generally recommend that brewers have a trusted and knowledgeable local partner. Having a local partner who can work with the equipment supplier can save money in the long run. We offer recommendations for our customers in certain areas, but you can also ask other nearby brewers who they used for installation.
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