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Anything I should look out for as far as maintaining my knives?

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Kinnek Knowledge Team

Knife maintenance is important for workplace safety and efficiency, so making sure that your knives are not dull or damaged will help prevent a quite common cause of workplace injuries.  Some kitchens even contract their knife sharpening and maintenance out to paid knife maintenance services, but this can be too costly for a smaller kitchen.

Instead, just follow these guidelines:
- Keep your knives clean!  Wash them with warm water and soap, and don't store your knives without first making sure that they are dry.
- Honing is actually more necessary than sharpening, sometimes.  Use honing steel (or the honing function on your electric sharpener) to align the cutting edges of your knife.
- While some honing steels allow for sharpening, don't rely on this as a replacement for an actual sharpening tool.
- Use the correct sharpening stone for the job -- that means using a coarse stone for the sharpening of a dull blade, and a fine stone for the sharpening of a blade that is not especially dull (but still needs sharpening).

Dec 4, 2015

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