Should I choose ceramic mugs or glass mugs for serving coffee?


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Kinnek Knowledge Team

First, both ceramic and glass mugs are a good choice versus plastic or stainless steel mugs -- plastic and stainless steel mugs retain the flavor and smell of liquid that has been previously served in it, so they make for a bad choice in the long-term if you are keen on maintaining high quality standards for your coffee.  Ceramic and glass mugs, on the other hand, are more resistant to the flavor/smell trapping issue.

Ceramic and glass each have their own advantages.  Though glass does not retain heat as well as ceramic, glass mugs generally stain less.  If you have a sufficient cleaning process, then ceramic staining will probably not be an issue.  To avoid the heat loss inherent in glass mugs, you can invest in glass mugs with narrower mouths.  As far as popularity goes, glass coffee mugs have become quite trendy in recent years and high end cafes and restaurants.

Good luck!

Apr 28, 2014

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