Should I get a refrigerator with a top or bottom mounted compressor?

What are the pros and cons for both options?
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This depends on if you have room for the air to be blown out on the top or bottom of the machine.  If you have a vent in your ceiling, top might be a better option for you.  The warm air will rise if it is a bottom machine and might create more heat in the room.  If the machine is close to the ceiling, than you will not have enough room for the top mounted machine to breather and therefore would have to purchase a bottom mounted machine.
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Depends ... You need to know your situation:

If you are putting this unit near your cooking line get a bottom mount unit.  This way grease from cooking does not get into the air intake of the refrigeration nor do you disrupt the air flow of your hood.

All other situations it is better to get top mount refrigeration.  

The biggest knock on bottom mounted refrigeration is it has to be cleaned more frequently because all the dirt and dust from the floor is sucked in when you sweep.
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Commercial refrigerators with top mounted compressors enable more storage and run cooler because warm air is vented upwards. Units with bottom mounted compressors are easier to service and typically less expensive.
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Prima Supply at Prima Supply

That's right, it is all based upon preference. Do you want to make it easier on future technicians? Or do you want to make it easier on the air conditioning unit?

Oct 19, 2015


From a practical viewpoint, a top mounted compressor may be better to many consumers, being that the products are easier to reach. Some top mounted compressors however need clearance on top. This can cause you to lose storage space at the top, versus the bottom mounted unit, which you can keep storage right on top of the unit. Message us and we can help you with all your refrigeration needs.

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Remember heat rises so it would in most cases be better to have bottom mount because it's usually cooler towards the floor
But this may not be true in all cases give me a call so we can discuss 
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Top mounted units are easier for the technician to service and the condenser will tend to stay cleaner due to the refrigeration system being on top of the unit and away from the dust that is on the bottom of the floor. The downside to a top mounted unit is that the bottom shelf is literally about 5 inches off the floor. The bottom mount advantage is that the bottom shelf is about 18" off the floor and the refrigeration system gets the benefit of the cooler air at the floor level........since hot air rises and cold air sinks
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There are two camps on the issue, with brands like True Manufacturing (and probably the majority of brands out there) advocating a bottom-mount, while others like Delfield and Turbo-Air tout a top-mount configuration.   

The argument goes as follow: bottom-mount fans boast that bottom-mount units are easier to clean and maintain since they are accessible at ground level, offer better access to food stock, and lower strain on the unit in hotter conditions (heat rises, so a unit located higher up needs to work harder). Other people reason that a top-mount setup will not trap as much dust and debris (a major source of blockages in the evaporator coils), don't require a service tech to stoop down to work on the unit, and doesn't blow hot air into the cabinet when the doors are opened.  

There are pros and cons to both setups, but as long as you choose a solid company, you won't go too wrong with either configuration; it is more of a question of preference.  Give us a call if you would like counsel on the best configuration to suit your situation.
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