Some people have told me that Sulphide Like Odors could be a problem if I use screwcaps for my wine bottling instead of corks. Anyone have similar issues, or disagree?

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There is always a risk of sulfur stink, especially when growing conditions have been difficult.  Screwcaps do enhance the risk of sulfur stink, but in general, the risk is very low and should not be a problem.  If you are concerned that there are or will be sulfur stink issues with your wine (and you're using screwcaps), then it is crucial that you perform trials to ensure that there is no buildup of certain chemical compounds that may contribute to sulfur stink.  It is usually recommended that a winemaker concerned about sulfur stink perform an aroma screen, fining trials, and post-fining analysis.  If testing does not reveal any issues, then the likelihood of sulfur stink should be insignificant, whether you use screwcaps or not.
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