Thinking about leasing a space and opening a restaurant. What licenses may I have to get?

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Some licenses are required for all businesses, while some really depend on the particularities of your restaurant.

Generally speaking, you will always need:
To obtain a business license (federal, state, local) by registering.  In doing so, you will obtain an EIN, or employer identification number.
A certificate of occupancy showing that you have passed building inspection.
Health permit to serve food.
Any additional foundational licensing required of your state/locale.

Otherwise, you will need:
To obtain a flammable materials permit if your restaurant makes use of flammable materials (a fire inspection may be necessary here).
To obtain a liquor license if you intend on serving liquor/beer/wine.
To obtain a retail sales license if any of your product will be packaged and sold in retail channels.
To obtain a permit for visual obstructions (a sign permit) which will allow you to put up a sign of a certain size and in a certain location - this is only necessary if your sign would impinge on local rules.

Hope that helps!
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