Tips for maintaining my floor scrubber machine?

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Thankfully, you wonâ??t have to worry about keeping your tank water separate (clean vs. dirty), as most modern floor scrubbers keep the solution tank and collection tank separate.

- If your vacuum gets blocked up, you can use compressed air to remove the blockage (you can do this to clean either the vacuum hose or the vacuum motor).
- Mix water with vinegar and flush it through the solution system to remove various deposits that have built up in the system.
- After running the floor scrubber each time, make sure to empty the dispensing and collection tanks and rinse them.  You should also rinse the pads, brushes, and vacuum hose.  To clean the vacuum motor, turn it on and run it for a few minutes so that leftover moisture is removed â?? otherwise, the moisture could cause corrosive damage to the motor.
- During storage, make sure to keep the solution and recovery tanks open (for ventilation and to prevent odor buildup).
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