What are the advantages of a floor scrubber machine compared to a mop?

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Kinnek Knowledge Team

The advantages of an automatic floor scrubber, or auto scrubber, are quite numerous.  Floor scrubbers are generally more hygienic, more environmentally friendly (save on water, and can use less abrasive cleaning solutions and soaps), and more efficient than a worker using a floor scrubber can clean the floor faster and more effectively than a worker using a mop.  Of course, not all mopping can be eliminated through use of a floor scrubber.  Floor scrubbers can't usually clean precision areas like corners, or under tables and low shelves.  As a result, you'll probably have to mop some portion of the floor still, though it is worth checking out some customized floor scrubbers produced by certain manufacturers that have brush decks designed to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Finally, it is worth noting that floor scrubbers typically have a pre-sweep brush head that cleans debris ahead of the vacuum head so that the vacuum doesn't get clogged.  This saves a great deal of time from having to pre-sweep the floors.

Apr 4, 2016

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