What are the benefits of a steel fusti tank for storing olive oil and/or wine?

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A well-made stainless steel fusti is a solid piece of metal -- that means the steel is not folded, and there are no seams on the inside, so there will be much less risk of matter accumulation and potential bacterial contamination of the stored liquid.  Additionally, fusti tanks maintain the freshness of the liquid for quite some time.  Some olive oil makers actually fill the fusti tank with inert gas (nitrogen, for example) which provides a buffer layer above the oil, preventing oxygenation.  This inert gas process maintains freshness even longer.  Olive oil stored in a fusti tank with inert gas can maintain its full flavor profile and freshness for upwards of six months.

Fusti tanks are a fantastic choice if you are extremely concerned with quality and freshness of your product and are willing to pay the high initial costs for a well-made fusti tank.
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