What are some of the advantages of screwcap vs cork? Same goes for natural cork vs synthetic cork.


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Kinnek Knowledge Team

Screw caps have the advantage of keeping the bottle better sealed to prevent oxidation.  Generally, wines with screwcaps are crisper and fresher.  It is becoming increasingly popular to use screwscaps for white wines, though it is also coming into favor for young reds.

Cork caps allows a small amount of oxidation, which may be of benefit to richer, more complex reds.  The oxidation will smooth out the tannins, making the wine less harsh.  There are also the obvious benefits -- cork caps are generally associated with higher end wine, and the ritual of opening a cork cap is still valued by certain customers.

Synthetic corks throw away many of the advantages of a cork cap.  Synthetic corks are tight, and generally prevent the small amount of oxidation for which natural corks are desired.  On the other hand, if you want the 'appearance' and the 'ritual' of a cork, and if you are okay with preventing all oxidation (if you are creating a white wine or a young, less complex red) then as visual alternative to a screwcap you may want to purchase synthetic corks instead.  Synthetic corks are also cheaper than natural corks.

Apr 12, 2014

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