What are the best methods to fill growlers for maximum freshness?

Are there special techniques or equipment needed to make sure that beer lasts longer 2-3 days after a fill?
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To the brim on glass with a Co2 purge. About 3/8th" from lip on our SS Growler stainless flip tops. Our flip tops can hold carb w/out purge for about a week or more. I've heard from brewers that had great experiences over a month.

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Usually a growler filler from tap is best.  you can look at micromatic.com and they may have the attachments you need.  There is also a juice-bag like growler that is on the market.  I believe it is called eco-growler.  They can send you a sample and the filler atachment. either way, eliminating as much "aeration" from your tap is probably the best results.
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