What is the difference between manual, semi-automatic, and automatic keg washers?

I'm looking for a keg machine where I can just press a button and not worry about manually switching over to each cleaning method (compressed air, rinse, pumped caustic, etc.).  Does this exist for machines at slower capacities (20kph and under), and how much should I budget for it?
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We offer a unit that can clean 12 - 18 kegs per hour.  It can clean up to 3 at a time.  Once coupled, you just push a button and it flushes, then cleans with caustic then rinses, then pressurizes.  We offer them for 8995.00  
Pictures on our website:  www.lawsonkegs.com
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Chris Hudson at G4 Kegs

IDD fully automatic keg washer is one of the best machines I have used for a fully auto keg washer. The down side is the price of the machine. I you have a $30,000 budget then go with that. If that is not your budget weigh out your options on what you want and also the specs on a machine to make sure that you have all the right equipment and power sources for your desired machine.

Oct 24, 2016


Our Bottle, Keg, Barel washer is a KIS system. Load your keg, press start and pick-up the clean KEG inside out.  Any size; Keg, Cask, Barrel, Growler, Bottle, 350 ml to 34 liter. We be please to help you. http://www.aquatech-bm.com/keg-size-2/
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