What is an economical way to bottle 750ml bottles from a brite tank?

Looking for about 10-20 bpm, counter pressure filler. Cap finish.


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Kinnek Knowledge Team

Since you're looking for 10-20 BPM, or 600 to 1200 BPH, a counter pressure filler may not really fit your needs.  The standard size for a counter pressure filler is 4-head or 6-head, with 6-head fillers at a BPH of roughly 300.  You may be able to find a manufacturer that makes a custom 12-head filler, bringing you to your minimum 600 BPH, but at the range you're looking at, a pneumatic-powered filler may be a better investment.  Pneumatic fillers are more expensive but entry-level models will offer you roughly 2000-2300 BPH.  

As far as capping is concerned, a pneumatic capper should be fine, just look for one that has the production capacity to match what you're looking for.

Apr 14, 2014

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Sarah Martin from Martin Robotics

As far as things go, a counter pressure filler should be a feasible option if you're filling a carbonated beverage.  Counter pressure filling pulls the liquid from the brite tank into the bottles using the counter pressure created in the bottles.  Martin Robotics makes an 8-head counter pressure filler that can fill 750 ml up to 1400 BPH.

Feb 1, 2017

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