What is an HTST pasteurizer?

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An HTST Pasteurizer is a High Temperature Short Time pasteurizer. They are rated from 100 to several thousand gallons per hour. If you have large capacity production you will need this type to get the job done.
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The HTST system means (High Temperature Short Time), is a method for larger factories or plants to process thousands of pounds of milk or liquid much faster than the traditional batch pasteurization method. The HTST systems are typically 100K plus in price, and batch pasteurizers are anywhere from 11K to 60K in price. So typically, the batch pasteurizer is more affordable for most.
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The HTST (High Temperature Short Time) is a continues pasteurizer, we also call them flow pasteurizers. The milk is pumped through heat exchangers where it is pre-heated by the hot milk (regeneration of the energy) and heated to at least 161F / 72C and cooled off by the cold milk / cold water and then flow out the pasteurizer to be further processed. This in opposite of a batch pasteurizer where the total batch is heated to the legal pasteurization temperature in one time.
see examples http://schuller.us/products/pasteurizers
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