What items should I avoid putting in the disposal?

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Kinnek Knowledge Team

You should avoid putting items into the disposal that either clog the disposal, or inhibit the disposal's ability to grind.  Generally speaking, then, you should avoid putting the following items into your disposal:
1) Large amounts of grease or oil.  Grease and oil can help clog the drain, and they also damage the disposal's ability to grind items.
2) Hot water.  Use cold water instead, as hot water can free up existing grease in your disposal/drain, thus causing problems.
3) Starchy or fibrous food waste.  Starchy foods become sticky in the disposal, and can reduce the grinding efficiency of the disposal.  Similarly, fibrous foods can reduce the grinding efficiency of the disposal by entangling the grinding blades and clogging the drain.
4) Hard, non-food materials.  Avoid glass, metal, plastic, etc.  Inorganic material can easily damage the disposal.

This is not an exhaustive list.  You should always ask yourself whether the item you're placing into the disposal may inhibit the grinding process or clog the drain.  Simply taking the time to think about this question will help improve your use over time.

Good luck!

Jul 23, 2015

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