What licenses do I need to start a cidery?

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- Brewers interested in producing hard cider must consider federal + state licensing requirements. At the federal level, production of any domestic cider (regardless of alcohol content) requires registration with TTB as a bonded winery or bonded wine cellar. If production will take place at a brewery, the bonded wine premises must alternate operations with the brewery, adding a layer of paperwork complexity. Any facility producing and/or warehousing cider must also register as a “food handler” with the FDA Ciders containing 7 percent ABV or more qualify as “wine” under the FAA Act; brewers producing such products need to obtain federal winery basic permit. 
- Every state also requires some license to produce and sell cider. Because most states classify cider as a type of wine, those states will require a winery license to produce hard cider. Many states also require out-of-state cider producers to hold some type of out-of-state wine shipping license in order to sell cider to in-state wholesalers. 
 - Brewers also should keep in mind that most states require wholesalers selling cider to hold a license authorizing the purchase and resale of wine.
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