What packaging should I use for gummies and small candies?

I'd like to sell gummies and other candies we're producing in a display at the front.
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Jan 13, 2020

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If you're looking for a more decorative option a gourmet window box may be a great option. There are some great options that look like bags with a fold over closure and with the window, your candies will show through. They also come in great, fun, vibrant colors and for candies such as gummies where drying out is a concern, they can be packaged in cello bags and then inserted into the decorative packaging.
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For something simple like selling self-produced gummy bears near the storefront, your best bet is to package these candies using polypropylene plastic bags. First, they don't have oxygen permeability, which means that your product will last much longer on the shelf. Second, they are quite clear and attractive (think "crispy" plastic), which makes them excellent for front-of-house displays. To add a little pizzaz, consider using decorative tape and decorative wire to close the bag!        
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