What type of fermentation tank should I get if I'm planning on increasing my batch size?

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If you're planning on upgrading your fermentation tanks, there are several different options to consider - ranging in size, cost, and materials. 

Speidal plastic fermentation tanks range in size from 3.2 gallons all the way up to 31.7 gallons. 

The next type are steel fermentation tanks, which come in 14 and 28 gallon sizes for the fixed-volume containers.

You also have variable volume tanks, which range from 26 to 172 gallons.

As you can imagine, going from plastic to stainless steel, there's quite a jump in price. Nevertheless, steel tanks can often last an entire lifetime, and are therefore considered to be a much better investment than their plastic counterparts.

Finally, commercial-scale fermentation tanks, which range in size from 330 gallons to 2430 gallons, are for those planning on taking their winemaking to an entirely different level.
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