What would it cost to lease a brewhouse rather than buy the equipment?

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Equipment leasing is done by equipment lease companies, not by equipment manufacturers. So, you will have to contact the individual companies to find out their rates, which are generally more expensive than bank rates.
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At A.B.E., we have partnerships with a few financing companies that can provide help getting you the capital you need to get your project started. Generally speaking, the terms end up being a rate a few points above standard bank rates and run for 5 years.

If you are looking to get your project started, but short on funding, the initial down payment can be a seemingly insurmountable number. With the help of a financing company, the manufacturer get their down payment and can start your build to cut down on those longer lead-times while you focus on everything else in your business plan (like more funding!)

Please feel free to contact us about getting in touch with one of our financing partners!
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We direct our www.SmartBrew.com customers to Brewery Finance - Rick [email address] .

They have helped several of our customers secure financing here in the US.  Highly recommend them.

Todd Singh
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Equipment Financing can easily be acquire and has flexible terms for any time in business. I have dealt with several breweries that have positive to challenged credit or is a start-up and we work out a mutually beneficial payment schedule. 

In my own experience working with start-up breweries, financing the equipment allows them to preserve their capital by paying off the equipment with affordable low monthly payments which is imperative.

An additional benefit from Equipment Financing is the immediate tax deduction. A financed piece of equipment can be deducted as a business expense in full on the tax return, which therefore reduces the cost of the lease within the same calendar year. The deduction falls under Section 179 controlled by the US Government and here's the kicker - for 2016, equipment amounts up to $500,000 can be deducted. 

I hope this information helps!
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You would have to go through a leasing company and see what rates they can get you based on your company and personal credit.  Here is who we recommend using. 

Rough estimate would be.  A 60 month lease with a $300K sales price would run approx. $6K-$7K per month. 

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Americapital Corporation|  Freehold, NJ 07728 
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