What's the best way to gauge the size of distillation still I need?

Also, is there an easy way/formula to calculate my projected annual liquor production based on my distribution plans in order to correctly size the still?


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Terry The Revenoor Company INC from The Revenoor Company INC

All distillers should have a production rate and time for the still.  This makes it easy to figure out how many hours in the day that you will need to plan to run the still.  If you need 100 gallons of finished product in 8 hours, you will need a distiller that can make it in one run, or a smaller distiller with several runs in 8 hours.  Annual production can be figured easy from those numbers.

Jun 14, 2014

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Kinnek Supplier

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Mike from Mike [137]

All i will add is the size of  your boiler depends on the demand, its all about supply and demand. If youre spirits are in high demand you will need a boiler to supply that demand

Sep 5, 2016

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