What's the most accurate way to measure the viscosity of the liquid I need to fill?

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You should purchase a viscometer, either a digital or dial viscometer, to accurately measure the viscosity of a liquid.  Assuming similar conditions, and quality maintenance, there is no difference in reading accuracy between a digital viscometer and a dial viscometer.

A few tips:

When measuring viscosity, keep the temperature constant, as temperature can change the viscosity of the liquid.  Generally you should wait until the liquid has reached 'equilibrium', or a unified temperature, before measuring viscosity.  The more viscous the liquid, the longer it takes to reach equilibrium temperature.  

Also, make sure you regularly recalibrate your viscometer and repair bent or broken spindles, dials, etc.  Wobbling and other issues affecting the accuracy of the reading can occur if you do not take care to recalibrate and repair as needed.

Hope that helps!
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We have 100% accurate equipment that you don't need to worry if they will be over or under fill. You also want to have a scale with you after each fill just to confirm a couple of them to see if you get the same fill amount. 
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