What's the difference between a brite tank and a mash tun?

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Both the brite tank (or bright tank) and mash tun are containers used for specific functions in the brewing process. The mash tun holds the grains used in the brewing process while they are being heated in order to break down the carbohydrates of the grain into fermentable sugar. It can be made of metal or plastic and is insulated in order to maintain a constant interior temperature. Mash tuns can be made very easily in a garage or backyard out of equipment that can be found in any hardware store, though it is recommended to use commercial grade products in order ensure cleanliness.

The brite tank is where fermented beer is placed in order to infuse additional carbon dioxide into the beer. In fact, over half of the carbonation found in most commercial beers is added during this step. Although some breweries may include the carbonation process into the conditioning (aging) phase, it is typically advised to use separate tanks in order to streamline the brewing process and produce more beer.

Brewers, what are some tanks you'd recommend for those interested?
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picture a brite tank as a giant keg you can serve your most popular beer out of , as for the mash tun his reply was spot on ! I will add there is a temperature range in a mash tun (where you step the grain ) that must be held at a constant temperature to break down these carbo chains in to fermentable sugar depending on the beer , grain and style ..but a ball park is 154 degrees ... a brite tank by comparison is not heated ...hope that helps 
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Sep 15, 2014

quite frankly the differance is .....a brite tank is post production finished beer where as a mash tun is the beggining process for brewing