What's the difference between inline and rotary filling?

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Inline filling machines fill bottles just as they suggest, in a line. Inline machines are popular, cost effective and easy to adjust with your needs. They can be made with 4 heads or 20 or more. Small to medium-sized companies often use inline-filling machines because if a problem occurs during production, the machine can be stopped, fixed and put back into production faster than you can a rotary machine. This also results in fewer bottles wasted.

Rotary filling machines are usually much larger, specialized machines that can have 25, 50, even 100 or more heads. Rotary machines are big, fast and will help your company produce far more BPM than your average inline machine. However, if a problem occurs mid-production, many bottles are often wasted because there are much more in the machine at any given time. Rotary machines can be complicated to fix, whereas inline machines tend to allow easier access to fix problems on the fly. That being said: If you are a large thriving business, the speed and production volume achieved by rotary fillers cannot be matched, which is why large companies like Coca-Cola use these machines.
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The Kinnek Knowledge Team answer below is quite accurate.  In-line machines are generally lower cost and require less size parts- more flexible for contract packagers.  They offer easy accessibility for adjustment and maintenance. Rule of thumb- inline fillers are suitable for line speeds up to about 60-80/minute. Containers have a stop/fill/start indexing motion so twice as many heads does not double speed, a longer nozzle bar causes longer index times.
Rotary fillers offer a constant high container velocity (also preventing product spills and capper jams). For this reason a rotary 8-head can be rated to 120 bottles/minute, and the same in 8 pumps used in-line would only produce 80/minute (product dependent). Customers using rotary fillers will have higher production rate per foot of packaging floor space, but size parts get expensive.
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